Mar 19 2012

Healthy Eating

I want to eat better and healthier. I don’t feel the need to cross over into the fad diet realm. I started a food diary just to see what my eating habits are right now. After a week the results are: I eat poorly. I snack a lot, too much. On things that are tasty but definitely not doing me favors. I’m snacking on things that don’t leave me feeling full. I’m taking in way more carbs that my activity requires. I’m also not drinking enough water. As in, none.

This past week I’ve tracked my calories and exercise, as well as protein, carbs, etc. I know very well that these numbers are guidelines. I’m not interested in starving myself, taking food away as punishment, nor using food as reward. That just reinforces the wrong ideas. Instead I want to be healthy and like myself naked again.

I do not care what the numbers on the scale or in my jeans say. I do care that the number on the scale jumped up quite a bit over a short period of time. My doctor listened to my concern and we decided on some blood tests. I’m not comfortable sharing all the details here.

My plan is to pay more attention to what I’m eating, continue running and biking, and learning how to cook healthier meals.

My goal is to have fun and look damn good doing it.

Mar 14 2012


I somehow hurt my heel while I was in Boston. It really hurt to walk and I babied it a lot. It surprisingly didn’t hurt to run. Correction: it didn’t hurt while I was running but after? Oh boy it was extra angry.

Icing it helped and I gave it a full day to rest before trying another treadmill run. I made it just under two miles. Once I got back home and it was still bothering me I called my dr. She suggested warm baths with salt and Aleave everyday for a week to help will swelling. I even got an x-ray. The result: normal right foot.

The not a training group met up on Saturday and I made it around the 5 mile loop. I walked one bit when my heel first started complaining again. I know I shouldn’t run to the point of real injury, but really I think I was just being a baby about it. I finished those 5 miles and felt better for it.

It’s Wednesday now and I haven’t run yet this week. I was scheduled for 3 miles last night and should do 6 tonight. I’m going to aim for 4 and maybe get 5 in if I’m feeling really good at the end of 4. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to push myself a little further.

All I know is that I’m excited to run in this gorgeous weather we’re having right now. I hope everyone is able to go outside and enjoy some of it.

Feb 28 2012

Business or Pleasure

I travel for work sometimes. Not nearly as much as some and a bit more than others. The hotel I’m in this week has a fitness room and pool. I’m able to get my miles in and easily do some cross-training.

I guess I’m lucky that I don’t mind treadmills. I know some people refer to them as dreadmills. I do understand why and I’m glad that the boringness and monotony of them doesn’t hinder me from getting my run done.

Is this just one of those mental hurdles?